Sunday, May 5, 2013

Does Macklemore Have a Girlfriend? Three Interesting Facts about Macklemore and Trisha Davis' Relationship!

Macklemore and his girlfriend / fiancee, Tricia Davis

Since Macklemore rose to fame in early 2013 with his hit single "Thrift Shop", the 29 year old musician has gained attention across the globe. Music aside, there is one question fans everywhere want to know: Does Macklemore have a girlfriend, or is Macklemore single? Many may be surprised to hear this adorably-bad boy artist is a relationship man, and has been with his fiance Tricia Davis for over SEVEN years! Here are some interesting facts about the couple:

1) Macklemore met girlfriend Tricia Davis on Myspace! 

Who says online dating is only for creeps?!

2) Tricia Davis works as Macklemore's tour manager

Foret lonely months away from each other  the two are so committed to making their relationship work, Tricia has managed every aspect of her love's tour..three times! Check out all the details on Tricia Davis' LinkedIn page.

3) Mackelmore proposed to Trisha on Martin Luther King Day while hiking in the Los Padres Mountains

"@Macklemore is my best friend and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!" she tweeted.

Check out the ring on his instagram!
Macklemore's Twitter
Trisha Davis Twitter

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